Robinson Crusoe (Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Saloem Island, Cambodia, 26-May-13)

“Lazy Beach” Bungalows is an incredible place off southern Cambodia. There are 19 spacious, rustic bungalows on a private beach with incredible staff and other worldly food. We first were to stay 2, then 4, then 10, and finally 11 nights of sheer bliss and total lazy relaxation.

  • 11 nights in our bungalow
  • 10 dogs guarding the lighthouse, including 7 imposing puppies
  • 9 mango lassis
  • 8 servings of heavenly Amok curry
  • 7 nights to perfect sleeping strategy of all windows open, door open, remove mosquito netting, light mosquito coil, check bathroom and under bed for large critters, and bathe in bug spray
  • 6 shots of absinthe one night
  • 5 bottles of bug spray
  • 4 four-hour hikes through the jungle
  • 3 extra large spiders killed in nocturnal skirmishes
  • 2 staff that Roger told he would take their jobs in order to live here forever
  • 1 four-foot iguana sauntering along
  • More friendly, colorful, 12in long “geckos” than can be counted

P1010701 photo


5 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe (Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Saloem Island, Cambodia, 26-May-13)

  1. Gorgeously Grain-Free

    I hope you guys weren’t as hungover for the boat trip back to ‘Snookyville’ as Jamie and I were! Even my heavy duty sea sickness pills didn’t stop the waves of nausea on the rolling seas! Anything exciting happen after we left?

    1. Roger & Katie Arnemann Post author

      E&J – we felt so sorry for you two that AM…ugh. It wasn’t the same w/out you afterwards – less laughter and less alcohol….pity. Hope you are adjusting back to reality! I (Katie) cannot wait to try your tasty recipes from your blog when we return. take care!

  2. Hansruedi und Margrith Holzer

    We envy your touring the “whole” world … fantastic, wish you the very best and safe ways.
    Love and ciao, Margrith and Hadudel, Switzerland


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