“The Gibbon Experience” (Bokeo Nature Reserve, Northern Laos, 11-Jun-13)

The Gibbon Experience” is a conservation project funded by eco-tourism to protect incredibly endangered Gibbons, lesser (and smaller) apes. These apes made their presence known with alien space-ship karaoke songs sung both mornings promptly at 6am. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in the dense jungle accessed by 4×4, hiking, and a network of zip lines, most are over 200m long and the longest is 550m long, carrying you well over 150m above the valley floor.


We happened upon a poisonous green tree snake as well as a respectable number of leeches that required stopping every few minutes to flick them off your shoes. Turns out that wearing shorts was better than long pants. While a leech enjoyed a solid snack of Roger’s ankle, one of his bolder brethren climbed all the way up the inside of Katie’s long pants (Katie: a.k.a. “The Flying Squirrel,” zip-liner extraordinaire) and had a four course meal at the top of her thigh, only to be discovered by the amount of blood soaked through her pants. This is why they are called adventure trousers.

The treehouse is 50m off the ground and offers an incredible panoramic view above the forest canopy.


Great time, although we left a little light-headed and a few pints lighter.


2 thoughts on ““The Gibbon Experience” (Bokeo Nature Reserve, Northern Laos, 11-Jun-13)

  1. Bill & Gretchen Arnemann

    Flying High looks really fun. Great you saw and heard the gibbons. Katie, you are a real trooper! Until now we thought only little kids played in treehouses! Aloha, M & D


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