Master of Puppets (Bagan, Myanmar [Burma], 17-Jun-13)

After witnessing the skilled act by the veteran local puppeteer and without invitation, our troop of fellow travelers stormed the stage to test our puppetry skills. The puppet master received 4 years of training for his craft and was adept and entertaining. Despite the expert coaching: “dance like your puppet, dance like your puppet,” our version would struggle to please an audience. Thankfully we were the audience. While unbelievable, one of our fellow travelers had played an obscure instrument in a puppet show for 3 years in college. How does one end up in a puppet orchestra?



2 thoughts on “Master of Puppets (Bagan, Myanmar [Burma], 17-Jun-13)

  1. Nancy

    I don’t know if you are going to Bangkok or not, but I have a very dear friend that lives there — from my Hallmark days. Her husband is, or used to be, financial minister for Thailand. Think he’s retired now, not sure. So — if you want a very unique tour guide of her home city, let me know. I’ll put you in touch with her.


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