Squawk- off (Kotor, Montenegro, 04-Jul-13)


As a small parade came through the town and we dined in the square, the head saxophone wielding rooster walked right up from behind Roger and squawked loudly. Not to be outdone, Roger squawked back and a squawk-off ensued. The head rooster was sufficiently impressed that he threw bread crumbs onto our dinner table. Without pause, Roger put his arms behind his back and pecked up the bread crumbs to wild applause, handshakes, and “bravo” cries from those in the square. It was all over in a few seconds.

By the way, Montenegro is absolutely breathtaking. Add it to the bucket-list.


2 thoughts on “Squawk- off (Kotor, Montenegro, 04-Jul-13)

  1. Nancy

    Hysterical! Gave me my chuckle of the day! I have this image of Roger in full squawk-off position firmly etched in my brain!


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