Roger Hood Lives (Tallinn, Estonia, 27-Jul-13)

We stumbled upon an archery test after a tour of the old town in Tallinn and a bottle of Prosecco at an outdoor cafe not far from the square.  Our caped crusader Roger was up to the challenge, after a brief tutorial from the world champion instructor.  The bowman more than rose to the occasion with a very respectable score of 77 (placing 4th for the day!).  Who knew of his skill?  Wild boar in San Francisco should be afraid, very afraid.


Roger’s impressive marks:



While Katie did not score as high of a rank as her arrow-assaulting husband, she fared well and would be able to wound a wild beast and run away if need be.  However, her sewing workload has now increased with Roger’s ignited passion for caped crusading.



2 thoughts on “Roger Hood Lives (Tallinn, Estonia, 27-Jul-13)

  1. Bill & Gretchen Arnemann

    Loved Tallin. Recognize your archery spot. Roger, you’re awesome in your cloak. Katie, you have a very professional stance. Guess you will be busy sewing. We can imagine Roger’s Halloween costume this Fall! Have fun at Marimekko in Helsinki.
    Aloha, Elder Arnemanns


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