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Day 21: Fresh Caught Fish for Dinner (Horse Lake, BC 04-Sep-13)

Having been on the move every day but one, I wanted to spend two nights in a few places to relax on the return home. I really liked Horse Lake, near 100 Mile House, and so came back. The day was spent drying out my gear, sitting in the sun, reading a book, and chatting with people.

I was chatting with Doug, who used to work in a Canadian prison and has his cat Thom on a leash, when Rick came by and asked if we wanted two 2lb Lake Trout. We cleaned them and cooked them with lemon and onion over the fire, drank beer, and watched the stars. What a phenomenal way to spend my last night in Canada. Thank you Rick and Doug.





Day 19: The Much Awaited Sun (Liard River Hot Springs, Yukon, to Hudson’s Hope, BC 02-Sep-13)

After 6 straight days of riding most of the day in the rain, pitching the tent in the rain, and taking it down in the rain, this morning I finally had sun in the afternoon and tonight a clear sky. It is much needed as I experienced a total sense of humor breakdown yesterday about the rain. The fly of my tent still resembles a soaking wet mop.

Today was a record for animal sighting – apparently they like rain and lows of 38F. I saw buffalo, caribou, fox, moose, and owls. I felt a little akward as two owls serenaded each other 40ft on either side of my camp site – 3 is a crowd. The buffalo picture is blurry because I took it while rolling by them as I sure was not going to stop to take it.



Day 4: The Bad, the Worse, the Nearly Ugly, and the Good (540 Miles from Horse Lake to Charlie Lake, British Columbia 18-Aug-13)a

The bad: It rained for 8 hours straight. At one point, as thunder cracked immediately overhead, I had to stop as I could not see anything with the combination of heavy rain and fog in my helmet.

The worse: The gauge that tells you how many miles are remaining on the tank of gas decided to misbehave. All of a sudden, I was losing 1 mile off the range every 20 seconds (no I was not going 180mph). There was no fuel leak but the next gas station was 60 miles ahead and the prior 25 back. I turned around and sweated bullets until a few miles before the station, the gauge decided to straighten up and fly right. End result was 50 miles wasted, in the rain, both ways, uphill.

The nearly ugly: As I pulled into said station and got off the bike, I saw that the connector cord for the heated jacket had disconnected from both ends and, through some miracle, was hanging from part of the bike, instead of laying on the side of the road to become moose floss. This was unbelievable luck, and I promptly zip tied the cord to the inside of the jacket and will excuse any moose I meet for potential bad breath.

The good: 540 miles covered today and the last 2hrs on beautiful Hwy 29 were perfectly sunny. Plus, I now know where to get my taxidermy done.