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Day 19: The Much Awaited Sun (Liard River Hot Springs, Yukon, to Hudson’s Hope, BC 02-Sep-13)

After 6 straight days of riding most of the day in the rain, pitching the tent in the rain, and taking it down in the rain, this morning I finally had sun in the afternoon and tonight a clear sky. It is much needed as I experienced a total sense of humor breakdown yesterday about the rain. The fly of my tent still resembles a soaking wet mop.

Today was a record for animal sighting – apparently they like rain and lows of 38F. I saw buffalo, caribou, fox, moose, and owls. I felt a little akward as two owls serenaded each other 40ft on either side of my camp site – 3 is a crowd. The buffalo picture is blurry because I took it while rolling by them as I sure was not going to stop to take it.